about us

Jodi Construction Limited is a mid-tier provider of structural, mechanical, piping and plate-work construction and maintenance services to the mining and mineral resource sector. Jodi Construction is committed to forming long term relationships with our clients by engaging with them in an open and honest manner




On-Site Construction – SMPP

Jodi has significant experience in delivering remote site project management and construction services.


Plant Maintenance

Jodi Construction, drawing on the strengths of experience, knowledge and location, offers our clients a fully integrated approach to maintenance and reliability.


Labour Hire

Our labour hire provides flexible solutions to the mining and oil sector. We partner with our clients to ensure their budget and time requirements are met by providing a turnkey supply of quality staff.



Jodi provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary and self-sufficient construction and maintenance services for the mining and oil sector, including; Structural, Mechanical, Piping and Plate work.

Occupational Health & Safety


Zero Harm is an integral part of our philosophy and the company is committed in its operating endeavor to achieve a standard of the highest level in the pursuit of this goal. Across the organisation Jodi’s people are committed to maintaining an environment and work practices that support the Zero Harm concept by promoting a culture of health and safety by choice.