Our Approach

When required our office in Perth, Western Australia complements our West African construction team with the coordination and control of specialized design, material supply and project management.  When projects require the input of key expatriate personnel and supervisors they are supplied from the very experienced people that have worked for us over many years on our West African projects and are generally based in Perth.  The extensive asset range of plant and equipment such as; mobile cranes, welding machines, compressors, plasma cutters, plate rollers, vehicles, trucks and a large array of general and specialized hand tools  means that,  we can quickly react to our clients need and mobilize personnel and equipment to any site in the region. 

As we have operated in West Africa for many years we have a very good database of highly skilled local labor that have been fully trained in our construction and erection methods, first aid, health and safety and understand the requirements of issues like the welding codes and quality procedures we construct to.  This database of local personnel have been built up, trained and qualified in various trades by our expatriate supervisors and have proven to be very skilled at their trades.  Our local employees are a very important key to our success in West Africa.  We continue to work closely with the local communities and have a company policy that ensures continual training and qualification.  Expatriate personnel that are required for project supervision are all familiar with the unique conditions to West Africa and understand the cultural, political, commercial and environmental issues that apply to the different countries.  We are proud to have such a long association with West Africa especially Ghana and look to build on our success for many more years to come.