During the many years that we have been undertaking SMP projects and specialised tank erection work, we have developed many technics that assist us to undertake this specialised field of construction which has turned out to be cost effective and safe by all standards.  This can be seen in our welding procedures and also the “can” lifting design that we developed to reduce the amount of high level work involved with tankage construction.  For example; we are also proud of the work we did to design the welding used on the first large scale stainless steel BIOX tank construction.  The success of this work can be seen in the fact that the tanks at Sansu have operated for many years without any problems resultant from our design and construction.

We list below the major projects that we have undertaken.  These projects demonstrate the very extensive knowledge we bring to any construction team when it comes to working with the mining and oil industry and in particular the design and construction of steel tanks and structural mechanical and piping construction.