We list below other outside West Africa mining projects on which we have undertaken contracts

Paddington Kalgoorlie Pan continental Eglo /Davy McKee CIL and leach tanks,support structure 36 mdia thickener and mechanism,SAG and ball mills, piperack sand misctanks.
Grants Patch Leonora Grants Patch Mining KCDodd CIL and Leach tanks, over cell steel work, structural steel work, and mechanical equipment
Wiluna Wiluna BarrackMines BarrackEng Services Lech tanks drft tuesvcll steel work installion of agitators.
Wiluna Wiluna BarrackMines BarrackEng Services Leac tanks drft tubes, over cll steel wk, intallatigitaors
Boddington Boddington Worsley Alumina Kinhill/ BHP Engineering Leach and adsorption tanks, internal and external launders
Tanami Tanami(NT) HarlockPtyLtd Kinhill Stearns Erection of'fabricated metal work and bins.
Karonie Karonie Freeport PtyLtd Minproc Leach and adsorption tanks, wedge wire screens, launders and misctanks.
Hopes Hill Southern Cross Broken Hill Metals KCD odd Leach and adsorption tanks, over cell steel work and fine ore bin.
SouthernCross Mincoa J R Engineering Leach tanks and launders.
Paddy's Flat Meekatharra
WhimCreek Consolidated
Minproc Leach and adsorption tanks, launder sand misctanks.
MtGibson MtGibson ForsaythMining KCDodd Process tank,structural steel work and mechanical
Hedges Boddington
Alcoa WMC Engineering Services Leach and adsorption tanks, potable water and process tanks and launders.
OraBanda BHP J R Engineering Leach tanks,spiral stair ways, over cell steel work and agitators
Westonia ACM J R Engineering Leach tanks,structural steelwork, mechanical equipment and modifications to existing equipment
Big Bell Cue PlacerPacificPlacer Dome Engineering Leach and CIL tanks, launders, baffles and wear plates
Orabanda Boddington
Kinhill/ BHP Engineering Additional leach and adsorption tanks to increase plant capacity to 4.5 MTA.
WhiteFlag Kundarra WhileFlagJV KCDodd Agitation and water tanks, over cell structural steel and piperacks.
Hill50 MtMagnet Hill50GoldMine WMCEng Services CILandleach tanks, overcellstructural - steelwork, access stairway,various siteandshopfabricated tanks
Boddington Boddington WorsleyAlumina Kinhil/ BHP Engineering Sodiumhydroxide, viscosity modifier andHCLtanks
Kaltails Kalgoorlie Anglo Pacific
Minproc Adsorptionandleach tanksandvariousshop fabricated tankage.
RadioMill Bullfinch GoldenValley Mines
KCDodd Agitation tank,fine ore bin and over cell steel
Boddington WorsleyAlumina
Kinhill/ BHP Engineering Additional adsorption tanks to increase ace capacity to 6.0 MTA
GrannySmith Laverton PlacerPacific PlacerDome Engineering Leach and adsorption tanks including launders baffles and pipe droppers.
Fimiston Kalgoorlie BondGold Nedpac/Fluor Danial Additionaltanks and support steelworkat roaster site.
Three MileHill Coolgardie GoldfanLtd Minproc Leach and CIL tanks and various shop fabricated tanks
Bluebird Meekatharra RossAtkins Mining KCDodd Plant expansion including additional leach tanks, launders and pipework.
MtKeith MtKeith WesternMining JHCE Supply and erection of deslime and conditioning tanks.
Bronzewing Leinster GreatCentral Mines Minproc Fabrication and site installation of 8 No. tanks and all associated mechanical and structural elements.
Tambo Chile Compania MineraIndioS.A. Signet Super vision of structural, mechanical, piping and tankage installation on existing mine upgrade.
Bluebird Meekatharra St.Barbara Mines Lycopodium Procurement, detail,fabricate, paintand erect allstructural, mechanicaland pipingrequired for plant upgrade
Paddington algoorlie Pancontinental Mining
Signet Supplyandinstall leach tankagec/wovertankstructural and mechanicalinstallationfor mineexpansion.
Jundee Wiluna GreatCentral Mines
Minproc Supply,fabrication and erection of leach tankage,structural and mechanical requirements including 450t Quicklimesilo.
Granites Granites, Tanami (NT) NorthFlinders GoldMines Resources Engineering Fabricationandinstallationof tankage,pipingandstructural requirement forplant refurbishment
Mt Todd MtTodd,NT ZapopanNL BatemanKinhill Kilbourne Supply and Fabrication of leach tank age (18No.), including 1 train (9No.)constructed of Bisalloy80
Dalgaranga MtMagnet
DalgarangaJV Lycopodium Fabrication and Site installation of CIT Tankage and inter tank launders